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Thursday, March 15, 2012

You I'm sorry...

Assalammualaikum... hai you all, and Hi You! Today, i leave you away. I'm sorry you :'(
#air mata aku dah keluar :'( seriesly i don't why, rasaa macam nak menjerit jee. Gerrr! sorry sesangat and thank for the love and thank because you penah happy kan i. walaupun hanya sekejap and sorry can't be the perfect for you, im try to be the perfect for you but i can't... hemmm :( You! Sorry! Soryy! Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy.... i just can say sorry with you. i dh tak boleh nak go on lagi dgn you... enough up to 7months, 2weeks & 1day... 
with you Capital A.
#This are memories you and me :'(  
i will remember that. be tc you. 
i bukan milik you lagi. hemmm :'(