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Monday, May 5, 2014

Amazing Monday! Day To Me ツ

Halo.. i'm back and start typing a story about me. I feel so better and happy so so much... wanna to know, why i'm feel so happy?? hehee.. so i save the date (_05.MAY.2014_) many casual and activities i have in monday! so i feel like " Amazing Moday! Day To Me ツ "
In the morning i'm going workout.
 My Gegirl. they call she Nana for short.

 I'll always have for you baby. Muahh :*
Niat nak jumpa, sekali dapat something dari dia
(Qiera) yang ayu berbaju merah tuu.. 
Thank You!!
The first time i dapat tengok game bola sepak live show!!
 Thank you for the amazing day to me.
 Him smile like a Manja guys ツ
 why you.. why you so cute! hehe.

 Bro! Lu orang memang sporting habis!! Terbaik ahh.

 My sibling, my twins.. yeayy kami patang nampak camera! haha.
 Okay second last photo.. Bro ( Wahi ) memang Havoc.
You, you you you and you really really make my date awesome! 
JDT Luaskan Kuasamu! Love u. Xoxo ツ