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Real Name: Harizah Hafizah. Ordinary person :)

Born On: 29September

Hometown: Joho

Favorite Colours: Pink And White.

Character: Sporting,Raver,Funny,Friendly and shy also.

Things i Likes: Accessories for women,Anything are new Gadget & Art.

Status: SINGLE

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Niat menjadi azam...

Salam pembuka bicara. Very so long i leave this blog story and now i don't know how i wanna to start a story for today... Aaahhh! mungkin aku kekok nak taip untuk kali ini but i'm try to cerita step by step.. Okay, feeza sekarang belajar lagi dan akan tamat tak lama lagi sumpah macam tak caya jee dah nak habis and then i will go to pratikal for are 3month. Wish me luck guys! So now i must to get ready for my final exam... fuuhhhhhh ~ bedebar jugalah rasa bila dah nak dekat exam ni kan... Pasang Niat nak Lulus that's all. After dah habis semua paper i must get ready fizikal and mental for my pratikal! okay niat dlm hati i wanna do the best for my pratikal that it lepastu azam nak simpan sedikit-sikit simpanan pocket for my sick. In sha Allah, permudahkan semua urusan selagi mampu bertahan i'm try for mylife :)