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Real Name: Harizah Hafizah. Ordinary person :)

Born On: 29September

Hometown: Joho

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Friday, July 25, 2014


Hello Joho. Holaa You all.. Haii blogger! 
I'm don't want to forget the day event PASO BUMBONG 2014 JOHO.. Nice one event so cool, relax and rock! walaupun Puasa beb! hehee.. tak JOHO laa if tak go beb.. haha. Apa-apa pun bestttt gilaa, even panas tak terkata, penat apa semua laa kan, watlek watpeace jee, Feeza okay jee.. hehe.. Okay daa malas mebebel many many so let's see my snap picture.. Okay posttttttt :)

 PasoBumbong Area KotaRaya.
 My partner friend.
 Yeayyy dapat bergambar dengan Abg Akak 70'an hehee.

 Love.Trust.Respect. Joho. #PASOBUMBONG2014

 Me and My Twins (_Lala_)

 My Vvipp.. haha!

 I being so "manja" if with my twins hehee :)

 watlek watpeace.. cool.

i wish.. i wanna be modeling oneday! hahaa #mimpi. So u all can find me on Instagram Or Twitter Okay itu saje cerita story topic about event #PASOBUMBONG2014 peace yawww JOHO we Love Trust Respect. Kbaiiii =)