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Real Name: Harizah Hafizah. Ordinary person :)

Born On: 29September

Hometown: Joho

Favorite Colours: Pink And White.

Character: Sporting,Raver,Funny,Friendly and shy also.

Things i Likes: Accessories for women,Anything are new Gadget & Art.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Hi Blogger !! Miss Me??

 Assalammualaikum. Hi Blogger!! Miss Me?? and hello everybody and to all loyal blogger... Ermm feeza tak tahu laa nak start story tang mana. hehee.. but nevermind, i will story buy step... Very long time feeza tak update blogger, last feeza update 9jan2013* haa lame kan kan? so today.. I'm Back!! heee :) 

okay, sebab ape feeza dah lame tak update... haa sebab tahun lepas feeza sesangat-sangat laa busy dgn study hard.. play pun hard laa kan hehee. *nakal So feeza hope sangat this year boleh bagi feeza happy and dapat teruskan kerjayaan better from last year *Aminnn ~ Doakan yang terbaik okay! so apape hal korang boleh find feeza at 

Instagram or Twitter. Okay i have to go now and i will update angin.. see yaa!